Ruins of the old world

I have an urge to explore the old cities. I’m ready. My grandfather would teach me a skill and once having mastered it, he’d ask me for a better way of doing it. He always said it was best to be lazy…


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Did I cheat?

Micro | Oral

In the darkness I tread carefully through the woods, avoiding head high boughs.

Her lantern light dimmed when a gentle breeze dragged branches and leaves, this way and that, crossing our path.

She knelt, her hands clasped, praying. Her ghostly, naked figure, gorgeous through a sheer nightdress.

“Forgive him, father.”

I leaned against a giant oak, admiring her solid nipples through a hint of cloth. Her naked back, arched to rounded buttocks, made me hard.

I eased my cock out, shook it loose, then shuffled up and down.

I thumbed my slimy glans, flicking the tiny slit on top, gasping, overjoyed.

My heart stopped, and I froze, terrified.

Her head turned as though on a stalk, with crimson eyes ablaze, burning into my soul.

She disappeared.

She reappeared.

A soft, wet mouth sucked my cock. Her warm tongue slipped across my banjo string, flattened, then ran down my shaft.

I looked down. She looked up, bared her sharp teeth, smiled, then ripped off and spat out my cock.

I screamed, thrashing around the bed, terrified.

My wife spooned closer, calming me, comforting my night terror.

“Shh, it’s okay honey, I’m here.”

“I had a nightmare.”

“I know, hun. Don’t worry, I won’t bite your cock off if you don’t fuck my mom again.”

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