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An interview with a Dog Park fanatic

I had trouble figuring out who to interview in regard to dogs In Fort Collins. I was going to ask someone with the city on rules regarding dogs on leashes, waste, etc. but figured it would be a boring interview with answers I could have found in one minute using Google. I decided to take my wonderful little pup to her favorite place, the dog park, and think further about who would give me the freshest information in town regarding our furry friends. As I open the gate, the first dog I notice is Jackson, a picturesque Great Dane. I immediately get a brain blast, looking up and seeing his owner, Jeanette.

Jeanette is in her 60’s (she wouldn’t tell me her exact age, unsurprisingly), and has lived in Fort Collins since she was born here. Over the years, she has had over a dozen dogs and currently has two. She has seen the way in which Fort Collins has become a fantastic town for dogs and has a lot to say about proper ‘dog etiquette,’ and before this interview we had talked for hours about dogs. Thankfully, she agreed to step aside from our dogs while they wrestled to answer a few questions.

Cullen: To start, what is your favorite dog park in Fort Collins?

Jeanette: Well this one of course, (Horsetooth Dog Park)! It is really nice during warm weather for our dogs to cool off in the water. Fossil Creek is also one we go to every so often, but as you know, you can usually find us here.

Cullen: About that water here… it always looks kind of nasty, am I right?

Jeanette: You are not wrong! I really wish the city would place a little fountain or something in the middle to keep the water moving. In the meantime, a nice bath right after a dip is always a necessity.

Cullen: That is a great idea, that water never moves unless dogs are jumping in it… staying on the topic of dog parks what bothers you most here?

Jeanette: It is hard to be bothered here, but it happens. You’ve seen me yell at a few people, I can’t stand when people bring their dogs here who are aggressive and attack other dogs. I get playing rough, but some dogs that are forced to be here absolutely are not a friend of other dogs.

Cullen: Yeah I have seen a couple different times two dogs going at it with each other, and usually because one is defending itself.

Jeanette: I really wish that didn’t happen, and I hate to blame the dog because the owner should be aware of those things.

Cullen: More aware than myself when I stepped in dog shit earlier?

Jeanette: Speaking of that! That annoys me too! There are bags all around the park for you to pick up your dog’s poop. Why don’t people do that?

Cullen: I can’t even count the amount of times I have stepped in it here.

Jeanette: And look at me! I am a hippy, I hate plastic! But it is not okay to leave your dog’s poop in areas where people walk.

Cullen: That actually brings me to another topic, which I struggle with myself, do you always pick up your dog’s poop? Or do you leave it sometimes? Because I hate plastic myself, and wish there were hemp bags or something, because there are times where I know no human will ever step in it because we are off in the woods or something, so I leave it there or bury it.

Jeanette: I think it’s a little excessive to pick up their poop every single time, especially if you are far away from humans, but never leave that shit hanging where people step!

Cullen: *Points to foot* you’re telling me.

Jeanette: *laughs* Now you have me thinking though, what’s worse the poop or the plastic bag?

Cullen: Unfortunately that question goes beyond my knowledge but personally I think a single use plastic bag is much worse, but I would never leave Bella’s poop in areas that it shouldn’t be…

Jeanette: You make some good points, that’s for sure.

Cullen: Well to wrap this up, because I know you said you had to leave soon, what is something you wish the city would do to accommodate dog owners more?

Jeanette: Hmm… now that we’ve talked about it a couple times it is on my mind, a simple little fountain or something in the water here would be fantastic, sometimes that water is just so bad it is smelly, that cant be healthy.

Cullen: Maybe we should contact someone with the city about it then? You are not the first person to mention this to me.

Jeanette: Do you work journalist!

Cullen: We shall see, as long as you’re there to back me up!

Jeanette: *laughs* can do Cullen, hope you get an A!

Cullen: You know me! Thanks Jeanette.

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