Signals for Eventual Easing of COVID Restrictions

With COVID-19 vaccination continuing globally, the global case fatality rate has stabilised at 2% with a recovery rate of 91% and the likelihood of developing severe (serious or critical) COVID-19…


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What Does Google Know About Me?

It took me under 30 seconds to determine that Google knew way too much about me. Proof?

This will bring you to a place where you can personalize what ads you do and do not see from Google, based on their analytics data they’ve retrieved from every link you’ve clicked and site you’ve visited.

You can click on one of the tags to determine how that topic was chosen.

So, I found that Google knew I had kids, just because of some of the links I’ve visited. Note, I haven’t looked into any parenting resources or anything of that sort.

Your analytics data is used to feed ads leading to everyone of these topics. It becomes readily available for others to target you.

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