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I work in an organisation where once you are female, it is assumed that you are automatically a gender advocate and a feminist for that matter. So I always have to remind my colleagues that I am not a feminist. I have seen contemporary feminists in action and there is nothing appealing about what they do. The new wave of the feminism is one characterised by antagonism, hatred, and indecency. The movement champions antagonism and hatred towards men because they all are supposedly evil beings who have oppressed and suppressed women over the years. Of course, this is erroneous thinking. While I do not dispute the fact that oppressive males exist, I also know that there are equally loving and supportive males around. I, therefore, see no reason why we must paint all of them with the same brush.

Again, this current version of feminism projects the idea that modesty is a concept that society has used to suppress and control females for eons. Therefore, in defiance of society’s suppression, the new wave of feminism encourages women to be provocative, indecent and immoral. To them, these show that women are now empowered and are no longer under suppression. In short women are in control of their choices.

Nevertheless, feminism itself did not start this way. It started as a movement to advocate political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. The original version of feminism achieved a lot, fighting for the rights of women across nations. For example, for the first time in several countries (at different points in time), women finally got the chance to be part of democratic decision-making as they were given the chance to vote in elections. Also, an impact of the movement in Ghana (my Motherland) is that in the early 90s, there was a vibrant advocacy for girl child education. Therefore, a strong campaign was launched for parents to educate not only boys but girls as well. I remember a very catchy song from this campaign–send your girl child to school–that became an earworm in the ears of several Ghanaians. This campaign was successful as more girls got enrolled in schools from then onwards. From all indications, the original version of feminism indeed fought for equality of treatment among the two genders.

Unfortunately, the contemporary wave of feminism does not seek equality among men and women at all. It rather seeks revenge which leads to division among the sexes. As a result, modern day feminists are up in arms against men in order to take their pound of flesh from them. The truth is that in many countries, feminism seems to have outlived its usefulness. For this reason, feminists look for inequality even in places where there is none. Instead of extending feminism to countries where it is needed the most; places where women are still under oppression and suppression, feminists rather create phantom problems to give the impression that all women are in bondage everywhere.

This is indeed a sad state of affairs. For feminism to be relevant in our modern times, it needs to re-strategize and identify real problems it could solve instead of inventing non-existent problems. There is no need for men and women to be at each other’s throat; we complement each other perfectly.

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