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Letters to a friend 3

hey man, back at it again at the plasma donation center.

I didnt get much done these past few days. my energy and diet are all over the place. i finally cut up my vegetables and had some last night and i dont know if my body hasnt gotten used to them again, but they came with a few consequences. i’m hoping theyll go away after a while, I’ll keep trying to find ways to make my own ingredients since i wont be able to afford the high quality stuff

i missed the food bank that goes to john cochran va on wednesday. i forgot if it was the second wednesday or tuesday of each month and i’m still learning how to set reminders on my new phone. oh well.

i’ll try to get at the cabin tomorrow. i just gotta take a few shovels full of debris i raked up out of the cabin, tamp the hell out of it, check for level, tetris in my pallets, finish my insulation shredding machine, fill the pallets, soil cement for mass for the radiant floor heating system, rocket stove, insulate the walls and roof, move in, and finish the siding. simple.

i found a chem 2 class and candidate for underwater basketweaving to get fafsa required 6+ credit hours, but idk if swic will accept amu’s chem 1, so i’ll be sending out my transcripts after i write this. maybe driving to belleville 4 days a week won’t be sobad. the lady i’ve been talking to on tinder lives there. wish me luck, ttyl

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