Love Being Alone But Hate Being Lonely?

Who else loves to be alone? Personally, when I’m alone I can finally drop the façade I carry with me outside and be myself. When I’m alone, I am far removed from the judgmental eyes of others. I can…


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Democracy is Too Strong Says Biden to the Warsaw Crowd

Tending to a group in Warsaw, Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin thought he was ‘extreme’ however he met the ‘iron will of America’.

“I recently visited Kyiv — and I can report that Kyiv remains steadfast. Kyiv stands glad and tall. What’s more, in particular, Kyiv stands free,” Biden said.

Calling the Russian chief a “dictator”, Biden further said, “Czars just grasp single word: No. No, no. No, you won’t take my country. No, you won’t take my opportunity. No, you won’t take my future.”

The visit is likewise being viewed as a token of fortitude days before the one-year commemoration of Russia’s intrusion into the country.

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