The Power of Rituals

People tend to believe that routines are boring, that they keep you in an uncreative rut. The opposite is true. The myth is that creative people are different, that they have a crazy and…


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Signals for Eventual Easing of COVID Restrictions

Interpretations, insights, and critical metrics for progressive policy calibration

With COVID-19 vaccination continuing globally, the global case fatality rate has stabilised at 2% with a recovery rate of 91% and the likelihood of developing severe (serious or critical) COVID-19 cases at about 0.03%. More than 243 million cases had been confirmed globally as of October 21, 2021 and 7% of them were active cases. This is a sharp rise from…

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Some of the Things Teachers Collaborate on at Workshops and Professional Development

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What Does Google Know About Me?

This will bring you to a place where you can personalize what ads you do and do not see from Google, based on their analytics data they’ve retrieved from every link you’ve clicked and site you’ve…